Post Closing

Post Closing

What are the next steps?

Post-closing begins once the documents have been signed at settlement:

  • Disbursement. Funds are disbursed to pay the prior lender (existing mortgages), judgments or liens on the property, all parties who delivered services for the closing, and for net funds to the seller
    The title insurance policy directs Answer Title to obtain and record satisfaction documents
  • Recording Package. Answer Title sends the recording package to the Land Records Office in the jurisdiction where the property is located. When the recording process is complete, the original Deed and Deed of Trust are returned to Answer Title: the original deed is sent to the new homeowner, the original Deed of Trust is sent to the lending bank.
  • Escrow and Other Duties. Answer Title resolves additional post-closing matters such as disbursing repair escrows and post-closing occupancy security deposits, issuing the title insurance, and funding the loan.
  • Final Water Bill. Answer Title will escrow a minimum amount from the seller at closing to pay the final water bill. Contact information for local utility companies is found below.

Opening all other utility accounts is the responsibility of the new buyer. The seller is also responsible for shutting off other utilities in their name.

District of Columbia

Answer Title coordinates with DC Water to transfer the account into the names of the new homeowner(s).


Answer Title does not hold a final water escrow for Virginia. It is the responsibility of the parties to start and stop service.


A final water reading must be called in to the appropriate water company in order for a final bill to be generated which Answer Title pays from escrow.

Prince George’s County


New Service – American Water
1-(800) 452-6863

Fairfax County

Start Service – (Online Application)
(703) 698-5800

AA County Water & Sewer

Baltimore City / Baltimore County

Bureau of Water
(410) 396-5398